ESgoal offers all-round consultancy and affiliation services for players, academies, and clubs to satisfy those seeking daily support in the planning, execution, and achievement of their objectives.

"It's one thing to have talent. It's another to figure out how to use it." - Roger Miller


Planning a season, macro-cycle, meso-cycle, micro-cycle , can require a considerable amount of time – especially if one’s main activity is not related to football. This is why taking advantage of alongside professional mentoring is crucial if the aim is to build a solid and long-lasting foundation. Support would be given through the design and planning of training sessions in their entirety – then, to be naturally molded on playing philosophical principals of a given coach or football club.


Nowadays football discussions are often heated up by discussions on “physical development” of the single player, the units, and the team. The aim is that of averting injuries that could have been prevented if – in retrospect – professional and meticulous planning had taken place. Indeed, every position (into the pitch) has its own peculiarities, and it is crucial to know what exactly happens during a football match - both statistically and physically. Last but not least, it is not enough to plan physical examinations throughout the year: what is vital, then, is to codify them in light of measurement and re-planning goals.


ESgoal offers all-round mentoring and support of the individual player throughout his professional and life path. This is why it offers individually-planned training and physical development programs, video-analyses of training sessions and matches, mental coaching, nutrition suggestions, etc. Having the constant support of a mentor does not merely translate into telematic communication, but rather into continuous availability of a professional figure that aims at improving a player ‘s performance in the short, medium, and long period – regardless of his stage in life.