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ESgoal deals with Performance Analysis, Technical-Tactical Consultancy - for academies, clubs, and coaches – and takes care of the all-round full supervision of the individual athlete along his sporting path

ESgoal offers a wide range of services, benefitting from a pool of collaborators all over the world, namely FIFA agents located in all 5 continents. Such services include but are not limited to: camps and clinics organizations, guided tours of professional academies and first teams, football holidays, and international tournaments.

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Eugenio is a UEFA A Licenced coach.He has worked in: Georgia, Greece, Montenegro, England, Russia, China, Hungary , Australia, Serbia etc.

He is Performance Analyst as well, he obtained his Bachelor in Sports and Exercise Sciences from Università degli studi di Pavia and his Master’s degree in Football Performance from Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore Milano . Additionally, he is FIGC Strength and Conditioning licensed coach. He has been Guest Lecture at Università degli studi di Pavia attending “Football Performance Analysis”.

In 2022 he has been appointed as Manager - Head Coach for AEP KOZANIS, playing in the Third National Level. . He has been the most young coach in all the professional leagues in Greece for that season.

He has been appointed as Assistant Manager - under Paolo Tramezzani - for Al Faisaly, playing Saudi Premier League, Supercup Final and AFC Champions League. Vice-Allenatore At the age on 29 years old, he has been the most young coach sitting on bench. Arabia SauditaHe has been Caretaker Manager as weel due to the transition between two coaches.

He has worked in Montenegro for FK Obilic with multiple position: Assistant Manager (1st Men Team), Head of Performance Analysis & Recruitment Analysis, Academy Manager and First team coach (1st Women team) Allenatore in Seconda (1° squadra maschile) Responsabile Settore Giovanile, Head of Analysis & Scouting Department e Collaboratore Tecnico per la 1° Squadra Femminile (Serie A).

In the UK (England), he has worked for Yeovil Town FC as Lead Academy Performance Analyst & Youth Development Phase Academy Coach. He is an FA Licensed Coach & holds a Level 1 qualification in Coaching Futsal. Responsabile dell’Area Analysis del Settore Giovanile e Allenatore nel Settore agonistico, come allenatore u13 e assistente u18. Ha superato tutti gli step per poter essere ufficialmente un FA Licensed coach per la federazione inglese, ottenendo anche la qualifica Level 1 in Coaching Futsal.

He has worked in international camps organized by FC Juventus, and has worked for the Juventus Academy both in China and Russia – in the latter occasion, qua Technical Co-Ordinator. His formation and training years have taken place in the Turin’s football club, joining their courses and clinics. Responsabile Tecnico, per la Juventus Academy in Russia (2017-2018). Ha lavorato per FC Juventus durante i camp internazionali (Cina, Serbia e Svizzera 2018-2019). Si è formato e aggiornato nella società torinese, frequentando clinics e corsi interni.

He has worked as an Assistant Coach and Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for AC Chievo-Verona for U16-U17 athletes, taking advantage of the academy syllabus and philosophy courses offered there.

In Australia, he has worked as Head of Coaching for an academy, Professional Phase Co-Ordinator for a private academy, Head of Football for a first team, and Coaching director for a company that delivers football camps. Head of Academy Coaching per un club , Coordinatore Tecnico per un’academy privata, Direttore dell’Area Tecnica per una 1° squadra e Coaching Director per una company di football camps.

In Hungary, he has worked for the Debreceni VSC as u18s’s coach and also as Scout ( Foundation Phase).

He has worked as assistant coach and assistant fitness coach for a Inter Milan Foundation Center.

He is a Project Manager, writer, and author for Allenaremania, one of the most popular football websites – with more than 3 million visits so far.

He is collaborator for Sics, leader company who develops and provides big data, tactical analysis for clubs and national teams, like Italian national team.

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Presidente AIAC di Ragusa.

TRANSFERMARKT: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/eugenio-sena/profil/trainer/81349






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